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::The Past Two Weeks:: part one

West Philly 21.November.2011 <grey, rainy, moderate temperature, trees waving their bony fingers at me through my bedroom window>

SOOOOO, many things to talk about. It’s been really hard for me to keep up with writing my blog for two reasons.

One, I only have sixteen followers. haha! I know, I know. “Be patient”. Yes, that’s what everyone advises. But, you see, I have always been motivated by other people’s expectations of me AND I totally lack patience. Veruca Salt couldn’t have said it any better when she sang, “Don’t care how. I want it now!” Not healthy, I’m aware. It’s just always been that way. I’m an entertainer and a people pleaser by nature, so a blog only being followed by sixteen people that I actually spend time with in “real” life is hardly a motivator for me. Besides, why would someone want to take the time to read a story when they heard it from the horse’s mouth the night before? I want strangers to stalk me!! And I want it now!

The second reason that I haven’t been writing in my blog is simply because I’ve been working on a lot of writing projects in my spare time. To write about what I’m writing about is exhausting. Not to mention, it’s physically difficult for me to write (or type) for any extended period of time on account of this damn arthritis. Oh great! I’m complaining about ailments now. Proof that I’m getting old. 

Enough yammering on and on. Here’s what’s been happening since I saw you last.

Sunday, November 13th was Philly Zine Fest. I have never done a real zine for actual public viewing, so needless to say, I was extremely nervous. I planned on doing the fest for quite a while and had lots of time to prepare, but, of course, I doubted myself and ended up procrastinating until the night before. I wrote and structured a zine in nine hours. I can’t say that I think it’s great or anything, but I can say that it’s honest and that it’s finished! To complete something like that is a feat for me. Things usually work out best if I am under a lot of pressure. It was also a motivator to bump into fellow festers at Staples the evening before. Seeing everyone copying their zines put a blazing fire under my ass. I am grateful to them for that energy. 

At Staples the night before Zine Fest. Taking a break from making copies to have a post it cigarette. L to R: Aaron, Ramsey (I stole this photo from her.), Claudia (she made the post it cigs.), Lizz, me, and Shira (my new penpal).

This is my favorite story in the zine. That thing on the right is actually shit. Yup. These are the kinds of things that I write about at five in the morning.

All in all, Philly Zine Fest went really well. I had a good time and, more importantly, I learned a lot! Lots of helpful constructive criticism. People were welcoming, encouraging, and very supportive. I sold/traded all of my zines! It made me feel really good and incredibly excited for my next one.

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