box fans&sleeping bags

~who the hell does a weekend wrap up on thursday? i do. that’s who.~

West Philly 20.Oct.2011 <sun’s shining, air is cool, trees are loud>

The weekend was fun. I missed a party at my house, but I got to spend the weekend with my best friend, Nicole, and her family—her husband, Jeremiah (who I adore) and her son, Jonas (who I REALLY adore). They always spoil me when I come there. Jer had a delicious pancake breakfast and coffee waiting for me when I woke up in the morning on Saturday. Not a bad scene. We watched some horror flicks—in the spirit of Halloween, Jer ‘make fire’ in the chiminea, and we went to an apple orchard (which is actually totally over-rated, but it was still nice to see Jonas happy). It was relaxing and way overdue. I had Jonas on Monday while Jer and Nicole went to work and, I swear, I would love to take care of kids as my job. I’m seriously considering it. 

So, here are some photos of the weekend and other happenings since I saw you last.

me and nicole 

i told nicole to pose for the photo and she frantically grabbed this stuffed dog and gave me her craziest eyes. it was hilarious at the time. (that’s jeremiah in the background)

this is the babe, jonas. he calls me aunt cookie. no one knows why.

jonas and aunt cookie—that’s his picture smile. not very convincing.

his real smile.

a rare moment of me sleeping. courtesy of nicole.

Below are the last two pages of my mini zine gift thingy that I made for the boy. I made a bunch because maybe someone else would like to give one to their booty call to let them know how special they are. haha!

i stink at drawing, but i really love this because it’s the most vulnerability i’ve shown in a really long time.

almost done!

So, that’s me. For now, I’ve got a ton of writing to do. 

See ya…

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